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Final Report

The final Strategic Research Fund for the Marine Environment (SRFME) report (2006) has been produced in three sections:


Download Concise Summary [PDF ] 36-pages.


The Concise summary of the (SRFME) Final Report (2006) summarises the contents of the two main volumes.


Download Volume 1, SRFME Final Report [PDF 20 Mb] 276-pages


Volume 1: Chapter 1 outlines the establishment, research and governance of SRFME. Chapter 2 details the Collaborative Linkages Program which comprised a set of PhD Scholarship Projects. Chapter 3 details Collaborative Projects. Chapter 4 State Linkage Projects. Chapter 5 introduces the SRFME Core Projects. Chapter 6 lists publications arising from SRFME.


Download Volume 2, SRFME Final Report [PDF 21 Mb] 284-pages


Volume 2: Chapter 1 is an overview summary. Following chapters detail the scientific research conducted in; Chapter 2 physical oceanography; Chapter 3 coastal and continental shelf pelagic community structure; Chapter 4 coastal and continental shelf biogeochemistry and modelling; Chapter 5 and 6 coastal benthic ecosystem structure and dynamics. Chapters 7 is a description of the data archiving systems and the interactive data and model output visualisation software developed in SRFME.


Interim Final Report: This report was producedin 2005.
»pdf Download [PDF 17 Mb]

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