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Surface Currents off WA

Schematic of the major surface currents in the east-southeast Indian Ocean. (from Feng et al. 2003) [From the report Physical Oceanography of the South Western Australian Shelf].




Core Research Projects

Summary of findings

The Core Projects in the Strategic Research Fund for the Marine Environment (SRFME) have contributed significantly to our understanding of the marine environment of south-western Australia. Combining physical and biological oceanography with marine chemistry, biology and ecology, this research, and the future studies and publications that arise from it, will better inform decisions in managing, developing and protecting the WA marine environment.

The summary of findings is an extract from the Concise Summary of the (SRFME) Final Report [PDF 2.4 MB] and provides an overview of the research conducted in the SRFME Core Projects by CSIRO and its collaborators in WA Universities and State government agencies. This summary extract covers the following SRFME research;

  • The Leeuwin Current
  • Biogeochemistry
  • Plankton Ecology
  • Benthic Ecology
  • Data Storage and Access
  • Conclusion
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