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Schematic of the major surface currents in the east-southeast Indian Ocean. (from Feng et al. 2003) [From the report Physical Oceanography of the South Western Australian Shelf].




Core Research Projects

Project reports

The reports available on this page provide an overview of the research conducted by CSIRO and its collaborators in WA Universities and State government agencies in SRFME.

Note: these reports are extracted from the SRFME Final Report Volume 2: The SRFME Core Projects [PDF 21.6 Mb].


Physical Oceanography of the South Western Australian Shelf [43 pages, PDF 5.7 MB]

Topics: The Leeuwin Current,
Seasonal Chl-a patterns and eddy-driven transport,
Decadal and climate-change signals,
Indian Ocean dipole,
Inshore dynamics,
Wave Propagation and Dissipation,
Sediment dynamics,

Authors: Ming Feng, Peter Craig (Project Leader), Chris Fandry, Jim Greenwood, Nugzar Margvelashvili, Alan Pearce, Graham Symonds (CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research)


Coastal and Shelf Pelagic Community Structure: Pattern and Processes [67 pages, PDF 4 MB]

Topics: Temporal and Spatial Variability in Biophysical Oceanography Across the Continental Shelf and Slope,
Nearshore Sediment/Water Column Exchange Processes,
Phytoplankton Community Structure,
Bio-optics and Remote Sensing,
Mesozooplankton Community Dynamics, Grazing and Secondary Production,

Authors: Tony Koslow (Project Leader), Peter Fearns, Ming Feng, Jim Greenwood, Christine Hanson, Tim Harriden, Martin Lourey, Nick Mortimer, Alan Pearce, Joanna Strzelecki, Lesley Clementson, Rudy Kloser, Tim Ryan, Peter Thompson, Karen Wild-Allen (CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research). Harriet Paterson, Stephane Pesant, Anya Waite. (University of Western Australia). Barbara Muhling, Lynnath Beckley (Murdoch University). Leon Majewski (Curtin University). Ashrafi Begum (Department of Environment).


Coastal and Shelf Biogeochemistry and Modelling
[63 pages, PDF 6 MB]

Topics: Regional Nutrient Dynamics,
Phytoplankton Dynamics: Biomass and Production,
Phytoplankton Dynamics: Investigating the Underlying Biophysical Mechanisms,
Regional Biogeochemistry from Modelling

Authors: Tony Koslow (Project Leader), Jim Greenwood, Martin Lourey, Uwe Rosebrock, Karen Wild-Allen, Nugzar Margvelashvili (CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research). Stephane Pesant (The University of Western Australia).


Topics: Environmental Parameters,
Seasonal dynamics in reef algal communities,
Regional trends in reef algal communities,
Spatial variation in reef algal community structure,
Regional trends in reef invertebrate communities,
Regional trends in fish communities,
Environmental correlates of reef algal community structure,
Relationships between algal communities and faunal diversity and biomass,
Shallow water habitat mapping.

Authors: Russ Babcock (Project Leader), Geordie Clapin, Phillip England, Nicole Murphy, Julia Phillips, Alison Sampey, Mat Vanderklift, Mark Westera (CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research).


Authors: Russ Babcock (Project Leader), Geordie Clapin, Phillip England, Matt Kleczkowski, Martin Lourey, Nicole Murphy, Julia Phillips, Alison Sampey, Mat Vanderklift, Jason Waring, (CSIRO Marine & Atmospheric Research). Kylie Cook, Catriona Stuart-Andrews, Kris Waddington (University of Western Australia).
Thomas Wernberg (Edith Cowan University).

Topics: Wave Modelling and Patterns of Diversity in Benthic Communities,
Inshore Versus Offshore Trends in Key Ecological Processes,
Role of Predators in Structuring Benthic Communities.


Authors: Jason Waring, Hiski Kippo and Irshad Nainar (CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research)

Topics: Recognising the importance of data archiving and data accessibility, SRFME has developed software tools that will allow WA marine managers, and the broader researcher community to interactively explore and visualise SRFME datasets and datasets from other projects. The four products that have been developed are:
• Argo website
• Aus-ConnIe website
• Data Interrogation and Visualisation Environment


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